About Mengistan




In 1970, a jolly good engineer called Meng declared himself Emperor Meng the Merciful . Citizens of Mengistan could not be bothered to put up any resistance. His Majesty Emperor Meng has ruled ever since. Like most other world leaders, he doesn't do anything useful.

There is no other interesting event in the history of Mengistan.




Mengistan is a beautiful tropical island surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. The capital city of Mengistan is Mengistan City, which consists of the Imperial Residence, a Wal-Mart store, a McDonald's restaurant, and a FedEx outlet.




Mengistan survives almost entirely on tourism. The island also grows bananas. Lots of bananas.

The Imperial Armed Forces


The pride of Mengistan, the Imperial Mengistan Army consists of 18 bald men with big sticks, all trained in a Chinese temple. Emperor Meng, being the Commander-in-Chief of the Army, also carries a big stick, but being a diplomat, he speaks softly while carrying the stick.

Unlike primitive island nations like New Zealand, Mengistan actually has an Air Force. The Imperial Mengistan Air Force consists of 108 highly trained pigeons. In times of emergency, the Air Force serves as rations for the Army.

Mengistan does not have a Navy. Nobody knows why.

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